Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sports Spectacular Week(s)

This week we started Sports Spectacular Week. Well, weeks actually. Between holidays, nature walking, and birthday parties we have two short weeks before Ms. Q's college for kids classes start, so we decided to do Sports for both weeks. Here is what we will be covering:

-Use non-fiction books to discover sports trivia and/or history. Select interesting facts and create a poster using drawings or photographs. Add information to house timeline.

Language Arts
-Read a variety of sports related literature such as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
-Brainstorm as many different sports as you can think of, then put the list in alphabetical order.
-Create a new sport! Write the rules, instructions on how to play, about the playing area and equipment needed, the number of players, how you keep score, etc. Then, if you can, go out and play your new sport!

-Ask as many people as you can "what is your favorite sport?" Record their answers and create a bar graph depicting their answers. Discuss your findings.
-Our public library has a collection of I Love Math books so we will be using the sports math book for this as well. The I Love Math books use literature to reinforce math skills. Q likes to read them for bedtime stories so I'm sure she will love having one as schoolwork.

Social Studies/Geography
-Use researching and library skills to learn about sports played in other countries. Then use a map to locate that country.

-Pantomime various sports and have others try to guess what it is (think charades).

-This is the easy one! Play some sports!!! But don't forget to review the rules and safety first-it is school after all.

-Draw yourself playing your favorite sports.

-Discuss what it means to be a team player and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Describe how to display good sportsmanship. See if your library has any story books about good sportsmanship.

I'm trying to work in a field trip to a sporting event but our budget is stretched pretty thin this month with family and friend birthdays so definitely not anything professional. We'll see how it goes.

There you have it-SPORTS SPECTACULAR!!

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