Monday, May 17, 2010

School's out for Spring!

Well ok I know that's not how the song is supposed to go but we are taking a little school break.  We are (patiently) awaiting the arrival of Baby C who is now a full week past his due date.  It is just too much for me to plan, organize, prepare, and complete lessons right now.  And I figure we will have enough going on when he does come that we will have to get into some new routines anyway. So Ms. Q finished a unit on tigers, post for this to follow shortly, and we are finishing up some lessons on the African American Civil Rights movement.  But mostly we are reading, relaxing, having fun, and trying to fit in some fun trips and activities before the baby comes. 

Here are some pictures of our recent weeks.

We have been enjoying the great spring weather to go out and find new places for picnics and nature walks.  This is our first picnic of the season.  We also found out about a group of naturalists who host guided nature walks and we have enjoyed learning about the native plants and animals in our area.

What better way to enjoy great warm weather than a quick swim!  You only get to be a kid for a short time - why not enjoy it.

Here we are at the Philly Zoo.  We had a great time - the tickets were free, the weather was fine, and the company was fantastic! 

We are planning a trip to the Camden Aquarium this week for M's birthday.  It should be a blast!  Our garden is coming along nicely too.  Ms. Q and I are total novices but we are having a great time learning about plants and trying to grow our own veggies.  We've had some disappointments already - like no spinach sprouts and crab grass in our strawberries - but we are trying our best and learning and that's what it's all about.

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