Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Birthdays and Camping

Phew...and we're back!!  This is my first blog post in almost two weeks!  I was having a bit of withdrawl.  I have a (sorta) good reason.  It was birthday weekend!!!  All three boys had their birthdays this past weekend so we decided to spend the weekend camping.  Baby C turned one on Friday, Little M turned three on Sunday and hubby turned thirty-something on Monday.

Here's alot of pictures to catch up:

Lets start with Saturday the 14th.  Ms. Q had a karate tournament.

Ms. Q doing her open hand form

Ms. Q in white sparring

She won first place in sparring (fighting), second place in forms, and second place in weapons.

Then Sunday Ms. Q and I went with the Girl Scouts to tour the Absecon Lighthouse.

Ms. Q at the top of the lighthouse

The view of Altantic City NJ

Monday we met with our homeschool group to pack supply kits for those in the south effected by tornados.  Then Ms. Q had karate.

Tuesday we ran errands to prepare for our camping trip. 

Wednesday Ms. Q had guitar lessons and Girl Scouts plus I ran even more errands to prepare for camping.  There was really a lot of planning and shopping that went into just a weekend.  I tried to explain to my husband that if we go for two days or two weeks I still have to pack the same things (just more of each item).  He didn't really understand.  But then again all he really did to prepare was to ask me if I remembered to pack his socks.

Thursday I had to take the boys for lead screenings and then it was off to our weekly playgroup.

Finally Friday arrived and Baby C's birthday!  We started the day at Barnes and Noble.  I joined the BN kids club so for each child's birthday they receive a coupon for a free cupcake or big cookie.  Our new tradition is to enjoy this snack and then the birthday child gets to pick out a new book!

Baby C with his Big Cookie

Little M and Ms. Q enjoying their snacks
Then we celebrated Baby C's big ONE!

Baby C's polka dot cupcakes

We left for the campground early Saturday morning.

Little M in the obstacle course

Baby C relaxing in the grass

A quick water balloon fight
We celebrated Fred's birthday on Sunday although his birthday was not until Monday.

Fun new shirts for his gift

We celebrated Little M's big number THREE on Sunday night.

Little M's lemon-lime cupcakes

Opening his gifts

We had a really great time.  We are supposed to have a full week of school this week but Monday morning we met our homeschool group for "sports day" and spent most of the day at the park playing kick ball and the rest of the day working in the garden.

We are having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things but we're working on it!

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