Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: More Birthday Celebrations and More Springtime Colds

No school this week!  Our birthday celebrating continued with Ms. Q's birthday this week.  We were finally able to make it to the campground last weekend.  We haven't been there in weeks since we didn't have our van.  We finally have a rental van and things are starting to get back to normal.  Most of us just went for the day but Ms. Q stayed at the campground with her grandparents through the weekend and came home on Tuesday.  Just in time to celebrate her 9th birthday on Wednesday!

If you're wondering about those chocolate balls look for a post early next week with a great recipe for chocolate covered cake bites.

On Thursday we all went to Barnes and Noble for Ms. Q's  free cookie/cupcake and birthday book.

Little M, Baby C, and I took the week easy.  They recovered from their colds but unfortunatley gave it to me.  They have watched alot of movies on TV this week.  Netflix is a sick mom's best friend. 

We have some really fun plans to celebrate Ms. Q's birthday this weekend.  I can't wait to share it in next week's wrap-up.



Sharla said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Q! Hope you have a fun time celebrating!

Mary said...

Mmmmmm....the chocolate balls look yummy!

Sarah said...

Hope your daughter had a great birthday and that everyone is feeling better now.

MamaTea said...

Can't wait for that recipe! Looks like a great time. And since when did Barnes and Noble start giving out stuff for birthdays??

melismama said...

WOW Those looks fab! Thanks for sharing at NOBH!