Saturday, August 1, 2009

Outdoor Challenge #3

Outdoor Challenge #3 was a great success! It has been raining off and on for weeks and Little M is getting over being sick, so we stuck to our own backyard again this week.

Ms. Q is already used to drawing in her nature journal and she was excited to draw the story of our nature walk. She noticed a small hole in the ground that ants were walking around but not going in. She hypothesized that this was not an ant hole because it was too large. I asked her how deep did she think the hole was. She did not know but she thought it must be pretty deep because it was so big. I took a long blade of grass and stuck it into the hole. It wasn't very deep but very loud buzzing sound followed and a large dark insect stuck its head out of the hole!!! We yelled and ran away, but did come back again to finish our exploring.

Ms. Q thinks that the insect could have been a cicada nymph. She knows more about insects than I do, so I believe her. Evidently cicada nymphs grow underground and then come out and climb trees to shed their skin before becoming mature adults. She loves collecting these skins every year.

Her journal entry was great. She wrote the story and drew some great pictures to go along with it. I tried to remind her to use descriptive words like we did last week to describe what she experienced and she did pretty well with using them in her narrative. So far so good. We are really excited to get to next week's challenge.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I think you are very brave to have stuck the grass down the hole. I don't like insects and I would have screamed and ran as well. I know, the nature mom who can't stand insects without a lot of fuss...pathetic I am. :)

I am so glad that the journals are coming easy for your family. They will be treasures in the years to come.

Thanks for sharing your link,

Jess said...

I don't know how brave I was, had I known a large insect would come out I may have made a different choice! But thank you again for your hard work. It is really helpful to us.