Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Nighttime Visitor

We had a little visitor to our house last night. No it wasn't Santa Claus or even the tooth fairy. It was something even better...a skunk!! Now you may ask "why is a skunk better then Santa or the tooth fairy?" Well, simply because this little guy (or gal) sparked some serious curiosity and not just for Ms. Q.
We watched this skunk wander around the front yard for a really, really long time. Then I made Ms. Q go in to bed, again. She was already in bed when I ran in to wake her up to see it! But while we were watching it, she asked a lot of really good questions that we were able to get the answers to today. We went to exploring nature and found out what kind of skunk we think this is, what it eats, where it lives, and so many other facts.
The funny thing was that after Ms. Q went in to bed, Fred and I stayed outside and watched it some more. I asked him the same questions that Ms. Q asked me and he couldn't answer then either. Here is an animal that we have lived next to our entire lives and neither of us knew what it eats, what kind of house it builds, or how long it lives. I am so glad that we are now taking the time to really see what our world has to offer and learn from.

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