Thursday, July 9, 2009

So Quiet

It has been so quiet around the house with Ms. Q gone all day. Little M and I are enjoying our time alone together but I do miss Ms. Q. I think Little M misses her during the day too. He crawls over to her room and calls for her in the morning after she's already left. Even Fred said he and Little M were a little bored on Wednesday while I was at work and Ms. Q was at her class.

She seems to be having a blast though. She made a new friend and is enjoying the classes. I think it's good for her to get some time away from the family. As much as she loves us and likes spending time with us, she needs some independence too. I'm glad that she is willing to tell me all about her day though, so I don't feel too left out! The first week seemed to fly by and I'm sure the next week will too.

Ms. Q has been asking when we will do our next Outdoor Hour Challenge but since we aren't having school this week or next I really hadn't planned one. I think we might do one on Saturday or Sunday this week and next. These are usually school days for us and I'm home all day, so really it could work out nicely. I better get reading!

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