Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outdoor Challenge #2

Our challenge for this week was to spend some time learning about the sounds of nature. We also learned about the perils of nature today too. Ms. Chatterbox had a bit of a rough time staying quiet during our walk, mostly because she kept telling me about the sounds she was hearing! "Did you hear that?" and "What kind of bird was that you think?" We agreed to take a break from not talking so she could excitedly describe the things she saw. She did really well with describing her experiences. She heard chirping, dripping, rustling, buzzing; she saw red ants, big birds, fast dragonfly, wet spiderweb; and she felt cold wet rain, smooth wet grass.

She also felt sharp stinging pain when she was stung by a yellow jacket! Thankfully this happened near the end of our walk around the backyard. After she removed the ice from her arm she drew this picture in her nature journal.

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