Thursday, September 3, 2009

CSA Farming

We are lucky enough to live in a state where most of the year we can run out to a farm stand and get fresh produce. In our neighborhood you can't drive more than two miles without seeing one. It is becoming increasing more important, both environmentally and health wise, to eat fresh foods grown locally.

In our pursuit to eat even healthier, we have been trying to eat more organic fruits and veggies. This left us with a local vs. organic dilemma. Do we eat the local fruits and veggies, most of which are not certified organic but do come from small family owned farms in the area, or do we buy the organic produce that has been shipped from elsewhere in the country or even the world?

The solution - Community Shared Agriculture (CSA). How a CSA farm works is that customers purchase "shares" in the farm in the winter or early spring which the farmer uses to purchase supplies for the upcoming growing season. When the produce the farmer has planted is ready for harvest, the customers come to the farm to pick-up their share of the harvest. This arrangement lessens some of the risk family farmers face in growing and harvesting and allows us to support local farms in our community. We found a local farm at that is certified organic!!! The leading picture is what we got this past Saturday. We bought a small share and get a similar amount of veggies each week! Definitely a success.

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