Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's been awhile...

Almost 5 months!!! I do have an excuse - we are going to have a baby!  He is due May 10, 2010. Although the pregnancy has been going well, it has taken all the energy I have just to maintain Ms. Q's schooling, go to work, and take care of an ever increasingly active Little M. Hopefully I am back to regular posting.

In the last few months Ms. Q and I have struggled to find a rhythm that works for us. We started off the school year miserably, although I am sure this is mostly due to my terrible morning sickness and total lack of energy. We were doing mostly workbooks and not even very interesting ones. Ms. Q wanted to stop literature based unit studies, like Five in a Row, that we used last year and do more topic oriented studies. We tried this but after two units she was out of ideas and I was out of patience! There were some days I threatened to send her back to public school, although we both knew I was bluffing.

I think we are finding a nice mix now of interesting (and somewhat easy) workbooks for math, grammar, and phonics and we are back to literature units. We have had a good couple of months and I can honestly say that I am enjoying our homeschooling again and so is Ms. Q.

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