Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crafty, Craft

Ok maybe we aren't that crafty but I just loved this idea and wanted to share it.  Ms. Q made this gem initial window hanger for her cousin's birthday.  It's a little difficult to see in the picture but her cousin's name starts with the letter "R" so in the center of the frame is a blue "R" surrounded by green gems. 

Basically what she did was take the back off a decorative frame and hot glued the glass into the frame.  Then she arranged the blue gems into an "R" and filled in the rest of the frame with green gems.  Once she was happy with the placement of the gems, she used clear drying tacky glue to secure them to the glass.  Next she cut strips of ribbon to make the hanger and to cover the back of the frame where you could see the glue spots from removing the cardboard backing and hot glued those ribbon pieces as well.  It was really easy to make and Ms. Q had fun making it.  She asked for one for her birthday but requested that I not make it, only give her the materials to make it herself.  That girl cracks me up. 

Oh, and Happy Birthday R!!!


melismama said...

I think that is very creative! Love it and would be honored to have it for my birthday (which was yesterday and I got nothing nearly this great!)

Stopping over from NOBH! Peace!


melismama said...

Darn it my post is gone.....Ok so I said I love this and would have loved to receive this for my b'day (which was yesterday and received NOTHING as good as this!) Peace to you all today! Stopping over from NOBH...

I just noticed you are in NJ...we are in Orange County NY outside NYC.....hey neighbor!


Tracy said...

This looks like a fun and fairly easy project to do! Happy Birthday "R"! This is such a special gift! Thanks for linking it up to NOBH!