Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

I usually stay away from New Year's resolutions but I think that this year calls for one.  I have been struggling with writing new posts for this blog and I would like to make a change.  I have had some difficulty deciding when to write since we are longer doing unit studies and lapbooks.  It was so easy to create a post when we had finished the unit and add some pictures of the lapbooks. 

So here is my resolution: I will commit to writing a new blog post each week on Thursday evenings. 

There, that feels better.  I am also going to change my idea of what I want the blog to be about.  I started writing to chronicle our homeschool but what I've realized in the last year and a half since we started homeschooling is that there is not always a line between our lives and our homeschool.  Therefore, I am going to chronicle not only our homeschooling but are lives.  This blog will be more than a homeschooling blog it will be a family blog.  Hopefully something my children will enjoy reading and something that will help our extended family feel more connected.  Hopefully this will be a resolution I keep.

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