Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Pretend

Baby C dressed as a chef
Except for the announcement of his birth, Baby C just doesn't make it in the blog that often.  So I figured on his 8 monthiversary I would start with him.  He and Little M had a great week of playing pretend.  Here he is dressed up as a chef.  He also dressed up as a princess, a dragon, a wolf, and Mom this week.  He had a little help from his big sister and brother but he thought each costume was just hilarious.  He is beginning to be quite the comedian and, much to their delight, is starting to interact with Ms. Q and Little M.  I am so happy to be able to spend this time with my children and I am glad that they are able to spend this time with each other and build, what I hope will be, very close relationships with each other.

LittleM dressed as a knight

For school this week we finished up a lesson about ancient China and tried our hand at some Chinese style painting and calligraphy.  I think Ms. Q did an awesome job on her art work!  We started some readings about the Greek Wars (you know the Peloponesian War right?) and found a cool craft at Lesson Pathways to make Greek style shields.  Little M and Ms. Q really had a blast making them and I barely got a picture taken of their work before they starting using them.  Sometimes I'm not sure if Ms. Q is listening to my lesson and I get angry when I ask her questions and she says she can't answer them.  What I keep in mind is a stuffed horse named Juliet, a car named Albert Einstein, King Narmer's throne, Ashurbanipal's library, and a message from Marathon.  All of which I have witnessed being acted out in our play room this week.

Ms. Q's Chinese style painting and calligraphy

Greek shields

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