Sunday, July 24, 2011

Field Trip: Wetlands Institute

While we were on vacation last week we took a break from the campground to go to the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, NJ.  Although it is not that far from our house we haven't been there since Ms. Q was Little M's age!  We purchased a yearly membership when we were there (it was only a few dollars more than all of us to go once) so no excuses not to go again.

Ms. Q in an osprey nest

Little C checking out a whelk shell

And a horseshoe crab shell

Ms. Q and a sea urchin

Ms. Q and a sea star
Little M was there with us but he was a little grumpy and refused to have his picture taken.  Oh well maybe he'll hve a better time next time.

Chestnut Grove Academy Field Trip Friday Blog Hop


Kelly said...

Looks like they learned a lot!
I am your newest follow from Relax and Surf Sunday!

Jen said...

Thanks for linking up!! :D

Marlee said...

Awww, what great pics! You have a beautiful family :). Great blog, I'm a new follower!

The Adventurer said...

Thanks for linking up tot he Field trip hop:) Looks like a great place to visit with lots of hands on activities:)

Kara said...

Our crew would LOVE to visit the Wetlands Institute! Looks like you had a lot of fun...
I think it's my first time visiting your blog...little Ms. Q has amazing curls :)
Thanks for joining us at NOBH.
~Kara @ The Chuppies/NOBH