Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Vacation and Recovery

Ahh vacation.  A time for relaxation and rejuvination.  Yeah right.  Maybe if we went without the children.  But then what fun would a family vacation be without the family?

We had a blast on our vacation this year.  We camped, we swam, we played, we went on tours, we ate, we ate, and we ate some more.  We (meaning I) also visited the laundry mat after Baby C's two days of diarrhea and vomiting and we (meaning Little M and I) visited the emergency room after a playground injury that required stitches.  Since our return earlier this week we have been just hanging around the house.  It's exhausting chasing after Little M and Baby C in unfamiliar territory.  Someone is always wandering off or touching something they shouldn't be.  I don't think I sat down for more than five minutes the entire trip!  Our vacation was great but it's nice to be home.

Here are some of the pictures we took on our summer vacation.

Sleepy Brothers




Little M's big playground boo-boo (5 stitches!!)

Beach Water Slide (Ms. Q on the left)

Christmas in July
And of course no camping trip would be complete without S'mores

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