Monday, August 8, 2011

Field Trip: Atlantic City Aquarium

The kids and I had a great time at the Atlantic City Aquarium on Friday.  I mentioned it briefly in last week's weekly wrap-up but it was such a blast that I thought I would tell you more about it and show a few more pictures from our trip.  First off,  I have never been to this aquarium before and didn't even know that it existed until a few months ago.  I found it while doing an internet search of field trip ideas.  This is strange because I've lived less than 40 miles from it most of my life.  And I'm not the only one.  I've mentioned the AC Aquarium to quite a few people, including dear hubby, and no one else knew about it either.  It's a great little aquarium with a great admission price!  Ms. Q and Little M want to plan another trip soon and bring along Dad.

They had lots of tanks for touching.  This is always my kids' favorite part of any aquarium visit.  Here Ms. Q and Little M get up close with some sea stars and sand sharks.  Then Ms. Q was brave enough to touch the horseshoe crab.  Everyone got quite a laugh when I attempted to touch a cownose ray but screamed when it flapped out of the water just to right of my hand.  No picture of that but a nice embarrassing story for the kids to tell Dad!

I love when the kids get excited about something.  Here Baby C is making fish faces at the fish. Then everyone got excited over the sea horses that were hiding!

This aquarium has ALOT of antique diving equipment from different diving helmets to this full suit (which no one would stand near because of it's appearance as a bad guy in the SpongeBob Movie).

There was a low table with metal plaques attached to make crayon rubbings of your favorite sea creatures.  Here Little M works on a lobster picture.

The third floor of the aquarium held more antique diving equipment and plenty of information on the history of ocean exploration.  There was also a lovely observation area where we watched boats coming in and out of the harbor and seagulls landing.  Oh and Baby C posed with a pirate.

 Outside the aquarium we walked along the marina and stopped to get some ice cream.

We had a great day.  I'm so glad we found the Atlantic City Aquarium!


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Jen said...

we love the aquarium, haven't hit it up here yet, but will in the near future! Thanks for linking up!

The Adventurer said...

Thanks for sharing on the Field trip hop. I am glad you are telling others about this place shame they aren't well publicize imagine all the people who are missing out on exploring this lovely place:)

Dawn said...

What fun. We love the touch tanks the most.