Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Earthquakes, and Hurricanes, and Tornados, Oh My!

It sure has been an exciting place to live here on the East Coast this week! We were shook up on Tuesday by a small earthquake and by Friday we were preparing for Hurricane Irene and possible flooding and power outages.  During the storm on Saturday night a tornado was spotted in our town.  Luckily our family saw very little of the damage predicted and we are all safe.  Our thoughts are with those who may not have been as lucky.

We tried to keep the atmosphere relaxed during Saturday's storm.  We had lots of snacks and watched lots of movies.  Ms. Q is old enough to be worried in these types of situations so we decided to involve her in our planning.  We discussed how to prepare for an emergency (one predicted and those unknown), what to do in an emergency, and the importance of staying calm.  She was really helpful with filling water jugs and with moving and securing items outside.  We used the emergency preparedness planning tools at the website.  I encourage everyone to visit this website and be prepared for any type of emergency.  You don't always get advanced warning for an emergency so prepare today!


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