Sunday, October 2, 2011

Field Trip: Apple Picking

This week we had the opportunity to go apple picking with our homeschool group.  This was so much fun!  I have never been apple picking before and I was totally more excited for this trip than the kids were.  We went to Mood's Farm in Mullica Hill NJ.

First, we went on a hayride to the apple orchard.

Then we each got to pick three pounds of apples.

Some of us couldn't wait to taste the yummy apples.  Then we enjoyed a picnic lunch with friends and played a little too.  It was a great trip and an awesome school day!

Here's what we did with our 12 pounds of apples -

The kids usually eat alot fruit, so they ate almost half in the first few days.

Ms. Q made and canned applesauce.  She decided a chunky cinnamon applesauce was in order since "you just can't get that from the store". 

What kinds of fall trips do you have planned?


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Jen said...

I miss being able to apple pick this year, and we missed strawberry picking in the early summer too :( Sacrifices of living in Paradise. Looks like so much fun! Thanks for linking up!!

Chef Penny said...

That looks like fun! We are going to the corn maze this month and the orange packing plant next month (since we live in Florida!)

MamaTea said...

Love that she made chunky applesauce. You're right. You can't get that at the store! And its soooo yummy.

Looks like a fun day - we need to get to an apple pickin' place soon!

MissMOE said...

Love home-made applesauce! Looks like a great field trip for all.

The Adventurer said...

We missed the apple farm visit this year with our home schooling group due to being out of town. We love making fresh apple sauce so much better than the store bought variety. Thanks for linking up to the field trip hop:)

Clara @A Slice of Homeschool Pie said...

We go to a pumpkin patch every year and this year we decided to try a new one that would be geared toward all ages. We had a blast! They even had a go cart track (but you peddled the cars) and 3 mazes, the biggest one we were told would take about an hour to get through. (We didn't have the time or desire to be stuck in a place that long. LOL!)

Wanted to stop by and say hi from the HHH blogroll. Stop by and say hi sometime. I am a CM fan!