Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1 plus 1 equals 1 (great day that is)

Who would have known what a great day it would be today when I told Q we would be going to Michael's craft store in addition to our weekly visit to the public library.

Now, going to Micheal's with Q is never a turn off. She loves the place and everything in it. And asks for just about everything in it every time we go there. But we needed a gift for a co-worker whose wife just had a baby. We also needed to find a big brother gift for said family.

After one hour of mindlessly wandering the store, taking things off the shelf and putting them back after finding something "better," Q decides on a unfinished wooden bird feeder. She decides that this can be both a "congrats on your new baby" gift and a "congrats on being a big brother" gift. I agree and off we go.

We stop at the library where Q again wanders aimlessly in search of the perfect poetry book. She does not find what she is looking for...but enjoys looking. M gets cranky and we leave.

Q chooses the colors to paint "her" bird feeder and the project begins. This is when I left for work leaving loving husband in charge. Before I left Q made a point to hug me and tell me what a great day she had with me today. Wow, sometimes things can be really simple, if you let them.

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