Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flat Stanley

This week we are finishing up a unit on the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. We started this book what seems like ages ago. A lot of things came up with Easter events and activities and both the kiddos were sick. So we are quickly finishing up so we can move on to oceans, which Q has been dying to start learning about.

I got most of the ideas for studying Flat Stanley from homeschoolshare and they have complete lapbook for it too. We started out learning about trains and airplanes. Q loved that the library had a Magic School Bus video about airplanes and flying. She also surprised me when she said we needed to find out who invented the train and the airplane so we could add them to our timeline! We learned about the state of California and Q decided she didn't want to move there after all because of the possibility of earthquakes. Learning about clouds was fun, especially when we went to the park for further study. We tried flying a kite while we were there but we couldn't get it into the air!

Q had the most fun teaching M about onomatopoeia and reading him Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss. She really liked our trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum (even though we missed our turn and were too late to catch the children's docent tour). She got really into Greek Mythology and even did some work while she was sick. She created her own mythological hero and creature.

She created her own flat character and there will be more about Flat Q when she comes home again from Oma and Pop-Pop's house. We have a couple more topics to cover but I don't think we'll get to them all. Oh well.


windingcirclelifeschool said...

Hello...I dont know if you have found it yet but yahoo groups has a flat traveller roup where flat quinlan can travel all over the world if she wants to:)
We used to do this last year with our girls.
Jessie (windingcirclelifeschool blog)

Jess said...

I didn't know about this group, but are definately going to check it out. Flat Quinlan has been stalled and we are still waiting for her to return from a trip to Washington DC but she is still travelling around. Thank you!!