Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yeah for something new

We finally started a new unit today! Q and I were both getting a little bored with Flat was taking too long. She has been waiting to start on the ocean and today we did. We did a broad introduction to the topic today.

We read the Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor.

The Magic School Bus books are Q's favorite. Fred commented that we seem to use these books a lot. There are so many of them, it would be hard to have a science topic that the Magic School Bus hasn't covered. The local community college is offering a Magic School Bus college for kids class over the summer that Q is interested in. I think it's a wonderful idea and would be a lot of fun for this budding scientist.

Anyway, we looked through another book about the ocean Q pronounced boring and talked about what kinds of things she would like to learn about. After some reading, phonics, and grammar we watched Swiss Family Robinson. Yes, I know this movie is not about the ocean per se but we got to talk about ocean storms, shipwrecks, pirates, and living on a deserted island. I think it fits - and it's a totally awesome movie!

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