Friday, April 24, 2009

The Olympics of the Bean

We started out Flat Stanley using a ruler to find things that were a 1/2 inch and things that were four feet (Stanley's measurements after he was flattened). Q had a great time with this and measured just about everything she could find in the house. She needed more practice with using a ruler so I thought it would be fun to flick things and see how far they went. This thought was sparked by watching Q play marbles one day. Marbles roll too much and I thought their distance would be hard to measure, but we had some dried beans...

So we set up a competition to see which bean would go the farthest. We taped out a start line and a winner's box on the floor and used a yard stick to measure. She recorded each one's distance and I clapped for each one and announced it's "official" distance. She named it "The Olympics of the Bean" and asked to play again after all the beans got their turn. And all this time I thought beans were just for eating.

Oh and M was very busy figuring out how the tissues kept popping out of the box!

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