Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flat Stanley - the lapbook

Ok so Q finally finished Flat Stanley. Even I was getting a little bored with it. She finished putting together the lapbook today. During her lunch break she started playing with the neighbor and so I asked if she would like to help Q make her lapbook. While they were putting it together Q was explaining all the mini-books and telling the neighbor what a good book Flat Stanley is. I was really proud. So here it is -

There is a mini-book about manners around the world, some stamps Q created, a pocket for her "Greek" myth, a graduated book about clouds and one for measurements, as flat as Stanley mini-book, and a spelling pocket. She decorated the cover and the inside pages with pictures from the art museum map we brought home from our trip.

This is Q with her mythological creature the raymakzola.

Here is the Olympics of the Bean mini-book, a Venn diagram for planes and trains, money practice with the cost of stamps, a map of the world, onomatopoeia, and vocabulary.

More practice counting money, a mini-book of abbreviations, and some about California.

This is the back. It has a picture of a violin and bow, another mini-book about measurement, and a foldout of Q's aerial view drawing.

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