Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review of The Curiosity Files: Blue-Footed Booby

Last week I had the opportunity to review The Curiosity Files: Blue-Footed Booby.   Published by The Oldschoolhouse Magazine, this e-book has just about everything you need for a complete study of these amazing creatures and their equally amazing habitat.

We spent a week using this unit and we cetainly could have spent more.  I ordered some books from the library about the Galapagos Islands and Charles Darwin to go along with what the kids were learning.  The e-book has a list of books that looked really good but they were not available anywhere in our library system and sadly our budget did not allow for me to purchase them.

We started out the week learning "everything you never wanted to know about the blue-footed booby."  The material was very thourogh and Ms. Q thought it quite interesting.  Little M listened along for a few minutes but it was a little too much for him.  He did enjoy the coloring page of the blue-footed booby though and happily colored it while we finished reading.

As secular homeschoolers who beleive in the Theory of Evolution there was some content about Creation that I edited while we read.  However, being that this is an issue that surrounds the Galapagos Islands and the animals that live there, Ms. Q and I had a great discussion about understanding other's beliefs and respecting them.  It was a great opportunity for that conversation.

As I mentioned previously, this e-book has everything you need for a great unit study.  We used the e-book assignments for math, writing, vocabulary, science, georgraphy, foreign language, and art.  There were a number of activities and suplemental ideas for all these subjects at various academic levels from pre-school through highschool.  Little M (my preschooler) loved looking at pictures and coloring and enjoyed the crafts.  Ms. Q (my elementary school student) loved just about everything we did this week and was telling a mother at our homeschool playgroup about how great her week was going and how excited she was to learn about the blue-footed booby!  I'm not sure if I can say a better thing about this e-book then that.

If the blue-footed booby doesn't interest you The Curiosity Files cover a number of other topics including Zombie Fire Ants, MRSA, Puffer Fish, and Red Tide.  I'm sure they will be just as exciting and interesting.

The Curiosity Files: Blue-Footed Booby is available at The Old Schoolhouse Store and is currently priced at $6.95 in e-book format.  It is listed as appropriate for ages 8 to 13 and up.  Check it out and enjoy!

Disclaimer: As a potential TOS Crew member, I received this product free of charge to review. This review is my honest opinion.

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