Monday, April 11, 2011

Tot School - Letter B - Butterflies

Little M learned about the letter B and butterflies this week.

We used The Very Hungry Caterpillar as our spine book and completed THIS lapbook. We own this book (a board book and a paper back).  It is one of our all time favorite bedtime books.  This one is special to me as well because it is one of the very first books that I remember reading all by myself when I was little.  I hope that my children will have special memories of the books we read together and eventually books they read themselves.

Table activities included learning what begins with the letter B, matching capitals and lower case letters, a booklet of ABC foods, matching colors and foods, counting butterflies, and reviewing shapes.


Inside left

Inside right

Back cover

We also read lots of other story books about butterflies


and learned a little more about the life cycle of a butterfly and the many different kinds of butterflies and moths with these books.

Little M made these cute crafts of a caterpillar

and a butterfly.

When both crafts were complete he was excited showing his dad when he turned to me and said "hey, that's cool, look, first we made a caterpillar and then we made a butterfly because a caterpillar turns into a butterfly!"  I love those aha moments!



greenTXmom said...

Cute!! Seeing my kids learn to read has been one of my favorite parts of parenting and introducing book early and small words and letters always helps. Love all of these ideas. :)
For my 4 year old and for my oldest son (my daughter missed out because I guess I was busy chasing her older brother) I would put index cards all over the house on things as labels. Picture, door, couch, oven, table, etc, etc. It works for sure, they recognize them so much sooner. And I taped color words up until he got those down too.
I'm a new follower from the hop.

Lynda said...

I love to see all your activities. They inspire me to offer my son more fun. He is a little older than your children, but we never outgrow the need for fun.

Your blog was featured as A Shining Blog. Here is the link:

Jenner said...

Thank you for this post and the link! I can't wait to start doing this with my girl. :)

Tracy said...

This looks like so much fun and educational too! The lapbooks and artwork are beautiful! That is so neat to share one of your favorite childhood books with your children. Fun! Congrats on being featured as a Shining Blog on Lynda's blog and thank you for your link ups to NOBH!

Jess said...


Thank you so much for the Shining Blog feature. My hope with this blog is to record for my children the fun we are having with school and in life. I'm so glad that others feel inspired by what we do!

Kara said...

My 3 year old daughter adores Velma Gratch!

Jess said...


Velma Gratch was one of my daughter's favorite books but my son didn't enjoy it as much as she did. Believe it or not he liked Fancy Nancy better! :)