Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Cats and the Blue-footed Booby

Another short week - literally.  Ms. Q came back from her trip to Washington DC with her grandparents on Tuesday.  She had a really great time and I'm pretty sure she learned a few things as well.  Here are some pictures she took (or were taken of her) on her trip:

Ms. Q at the White House

Ms. Q's finger squishing the Capital Building

Grandparents at the Jefferson Memorial

Ms. Q at the Smithsonian with Amelia Earhart - one of her favorite historical people

Ms. Q with President Lincoln

Little M still had a full week of Tot School.  He thought it was the coolest thing to have school all by himself without Ms. Q.  So I'll start the weekly school wrap-up with him this week.  Little M worked on the letter C and learned about cats.  We read the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss as our spine book and made THIS lapbook with some minibooks about cats from Homeschool Share

Ms. Q joined in the crafting fun and they made these cats out of circles and triangles.

Ms. Q's

Little M's

Ms. Q and I tried out a new unit study about the blue-footed booby this week.  She really enjoyed learning about the blue-footed booby and the other interesting animals that live on the Galapagos Islands.  I really enjoyed having everything coordinate so well.  She learned about Charles Darwin and evolution for history, the blue-footed booby for science, researched and wrote about the blue-footed booby for language arts, and did Galapagos Island word problems and fact families for math.  The unit even had some Spanish words to learn for foreign language and some crafts for art.  Unfortunately we did not get to the crafts yet.  I had planned on completing some crafts on Friday but this is how I spent Friday:

Baby C with a fever and needing his momma

Here are a few others things from our week:

We found this mole drowned in a bucket of water near the front steps.  None of us had ever seen a mole before so we spent some time checking it out.
Ms. Q practicing her guitar

Little M playing his guitar (copying Ms. Q)

We welcomed some more nice spring days with school outside.

It was nice to just take it easy and have a relaxing school week and Baby C should be feeling better soon.


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