Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Knights and Gardening

Wow, this week went by so quickly!   One reason I really like writing these wrap-ups is it lets me focus on what we actually got done in the week.

We took off Tuesday to spend in the garden.  Fred was off of work so we decided to use him to help us finish up building our square foot garden and fill the raised boxes.  You can read more about our garden in our Homeschool Village Garden Challenge Update.

Thursday was another day off but not a planned one.  Here is how everyone spent the day.

They are installing a water main on our street and Thursday was the day they worked on the front of our house.  We were not able to make it to our homeschool playgroup on Thursday partly because we could not get out of the driveway and partly for Baby C's stunning rash.  The fever he had last Friday became a diagnosis of Roseola.  He's feeling better today and his rash is almost gone thankfully. 

Here's what else we've been up to this week.

Ms. Q

Ms. Q is still learning about the Middle Ages and this week she learned about knights and chivalry.  She had fun making up stories with THESE Medieval Life Cards. She even brought them to the dinner table so her father and brother could play.

A sample flashcard: A knight leaving the castle.

She was really interested in the daily lives of people living in this time period, so she spent some time researching and excitedly telling me all about it.  I think she's going to be a little disappointed when we move on to something else.  I think the fact that she has focused on kings, queens, knights, and nobles all this week was the reason she was willing to get up early on Friday morning to watch The Royal Wedding.  We didn't make the 4am start time (for the East Coast of the US) but we did get up early enough to enjoy the festivities.  And we got up early enough to be really tired for most of the day!

Ms. Q also finished another post for her blog.  You can find it HERE if you want to check it out.

Little M

Instead of a letter of the week this week, Little M learned all about gardens and plants.  He learned what plants need to grow, how they grow, the difference between a flower and a vegetable, and practiced his letters with garden related words.

We have been spending more and more time outside both in the garden and playing.  Can't wait to spend more though!


XLMIC said...

Awesome homeschooling projects! Wow!
My kids love medieval stuff... they had a blast seeing some of it for real on our recent trip to France. And heavy equipment is ALWAYS a fun show to watch... did you get to watch the digger in action, or was it just an impediment? So great that you've got the kids working in the garden :)
Have a super weekend!

Jess said...

I bet seeing the artifacts in person made it so much more real and exciting for them!

We actually went out on the front steps for awhile to watch the men working but then it started to drizzle. The digger was indeed the coolest - especially when it dug a huge trench across our driveway and the kids could see only the hard hats of the men working in the trench.

Mikey said...

Catching up on my blog hopping. Better late than never right?
Please return the favor and swing by when you can.


would like to be a yummy mummy said...

Hi, I am your newest follower from terrific tuesday. Looks like you had a great week here. Feel free to check out my page :-)