Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Field Trip: Leaming's Run Gardens

The kids and I recently took a field trip to Leaming's Run Gardens in Cape May Courthouse New Jersey.  I have never been there before but the website looked pretty interesting and the price was right, so off we went.

The website states "A visit to Leaming's Run Gardens is a delightful relaxing walk along winding paths where at every turn is yet another celebration of nature's beauty."  And it really was.  We followed winding paths through wooded areas only to emerge back into the sunlight and be surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Butterflies and hummingbirds were everywhere.

A sign stated that this garden was "owned" by a hummingbird named Emily.  She's in the picture but you really can't see her.  The kids were thrilled with her and sat and watched her fly from flower to flower for quite a long time.

Another sign stated "please walk on the grass" so Little M did.  He also walked on the trees.

Nestled among the gardens is a replica colonial homestead.  Here the kids explored what a colonial bed nook looked like as well as the other living areas and the outhouse.

Outside the house was a kitchen garden, a barn, and chicken coops, complete with chickens, a turkey, and a goat.

The graves of Thomas Leaming, his wife and young daughter are also on the property.

Little M and Ms. Q by far loved the bamboo forest the best.  At first Ms. Q didn't believe me that it was real bamboo.  She thought they were poles in the ground!  She was eventually convinced and the two enjoyed themselves hiding behind and spinning around them.

Baby C loved looking for frogs in the pond.

We finished up our trip with a picnic lunch.  It was a wonderful place to visit and one that changes all the time making each visit unique.  Now that we know about this little gem we are sure to return.


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MissMOE said...

Sounds wonderful!

The Adventurer said...

I love humming birds:) Looks like a great place for children to find adventures. Thanks for linking up at the Field trip hop:)

melismama said...

Jess - what a great place! Wish it was closer to us in Orange County, NY...peace to your day!

Judy Haughton-James said...

I love nature so I would love this place! I am a new Follower from the Blog Hop.

Katherines Corner said...

lovely and a wonderful memory making adventure too. Hugs

Susan Evans said...

What a great colonial homestead! My kids would have loved this field trip.