Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letter of The Week: Letter D - Dogs

I have fallen behind in doing separate pages for Little M's Letter of the Week!  Here are the activities he completed for the Letter D and the theme Dogs:

We used The Poky Little Puppy as our spine book and completed a lapbook from Homeschool Share.  See the carousel at the end of this post for the other titles we used in this unit.

Here is the cover of the lapbook.  On the cover is our doggie craft.  I cut out the shape of a terrier and Little M glued on colored paper for the ears, eyes, nose, and tongue.  Then he glued pieces of yarn on for the hair.

We made a minibook of words that start with the Letter D, counted pictures of dogs, colored ducks, and put the life cycle of a duck in the right order. Yes I know dogs was the theme not ducks BUT these were so cute that I couldn't resist.

Next we looked at a map of the United States and colored in all the states where our friends and family live.  We used our five senses to describes things around the house, and counted all the animals and flowers in The Poky Little Puppy.


 We also used some non-fiction books about dogs to talk about what dogs need to stay healthy and the proper way to take care of your dog.  Then we enjoyed some games outside with our dog Hooch.

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The Adventurer said...

Great lap book:) Love the terrier dog cover Thanks for linking up to the NOBH