Friday, May 8, 2009

Just another school day

Today may have been "just another school day" but it was so great. It has been raining here all week and everyone was being annoying and annoyed. The weather report called for more of the same dreary and rainy weather. But it never came. The sky was blue and Q pointed out that there appeared to be cumulus clouds in the sky (we learned about clouds a few weeks ago) and this meant we were in for a nice day. So we decided to start our day off with a walk around the neighborhood. It was a little humid already but a great energizer. When we returned M went in for a nap and we got to work. Q chose dolphins for her animal study and we were going to finish this up with a short report today and some dolphin painting. Which actually got done. So did a hands on activity to learn place value, a worksheet for phonics, AND copywork and cursive writing practice. What's going on here. We rarely ever get done all the things I plan for a day. But we took a walk...

And swung on the swings...

And helped Dad work on a car, all before our 3pm quiting time.

What happened here? Serendipity I'm sure.

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