Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Beach Field Trip

Yesterday was great weather for a beach field trip, so that's what we did. I woke Q up earlier than usual and asked her if she was in the mood for a trip. We packed a lunch (and breakfast too), stopped for some sunblock and we were off.

Cape May Point State Park

It was M's first trip ever to the beach. I think he had a good time.

Here's some pictures of our trip:

Q looked out on the water to see if there were any boats or dolphins around and we collected lots of sea debris in our bucket that we identified later at the beach museum. We found some whelk egg sacks, scallop shells, mussel shells, crabs, a skate egg pouch, and some sea weed to name a few.

We thought these rocks would be the perfect place to find a tide pool, but sadly no little creatures were living there.

The "class" certainly enjoyed their field trip!

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