Monday, May 4, 2009

Ocean Unit

I have been thinking about creating a lens about this unit on squidoo, but I think I will actually finish the unit and see how it goes first before I commit to too much with. Especially a Squidoo lens. The ladies in the Unit Studies group on Squidoo are really thorough! Anyway, here's what I was thinking about including. We will not be able to cover it all I'm sure before Q looses interest in it and wants to do something else but at least I have a lot of ideas to work with.

animal study
animal classification
food chain/web
human/nature connection
waves, currents, tides, salty
water cycle

identify and locate 5 oceans
map reading skills

Language Arts
vocabulary and spelling
creative writing
compare and contrast

explorers - undersea and over sea
human uses of the sea

Art and Music
crayon resists
not sure of the music part just yet

Q is working on:
1 digit addition and subtraction
place value
I figure we can use her shell collection and goldfish crackers for manipulatives as well as some undersea stickers I found at the craft store.

There are so many trips that we can take I'm not sure how we'll decide where to go. Of course we have to go to the beach, that was one of the reasons Q wanted to do this unit in the first place. Down the shore there is also whale watching cruises, aquariums, and a marine mammal stranding center. This should work out wonderfully.

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