Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Our Week Off

This was a scheduled week off for us this week.  We homeschool through the summer so we spread our breaks out over the course of the year.  We try to stick to four weeks of school and one week off but it's flexible to accommodate holidays and other events we may need off for.

We may not have had school but we had a busy week planned.  Some plans worked out and some not so much but that's how life goes.  Monday we made our monthly trip to Target.  We only go once a month not because it's far away (it's about 1 mile down the road) but avoiding Target is the only way I can avoid spending way more money than I should there.  The kids love going to Target because they get to pick anything they want from the dollar section up front.  Then we went for a walk and bike around the neighborhood.  The weather was beautiful.  We took the camera and looked for signs of spring.  Then it was off to karate.

Some flowers growing in a planter!

Tuesday was our planned trip to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and the Silk Road exhibit.  There was no picture taking inside the exhibit but trust me when I say it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  The kids couldn't stop talking about the mummies and different artifacts.  They asked when we could go to the museum again and poured over the museum map at dinner planning what they wanted to see next.

Then it was out to lunch!
Wednesday Ms. Q had her guitar lesson in the afternoon.  She is really enjoying her lessons and her teacher says she is doing well.  It's a little difficult to get her to practice at home but I'm so proud of her and the work she is putting in to learn something new.  Later in the evening she and I attended a Girl Scout trip to the local animal shelter.  The girls had such a great time.  The shelter staff talked to the girls about the different reasons animals end up in the shelter and how they prepare the animals for adoption.  They discussed how to care for your pets and toured the facility.  Seeing the cats and dogs was certainly the highlight.  While sneaking out of the house I forgot to take the camera with me but Ms. Q did get this cool patch for her sash..

We were supposed to have a group playdate with some other homeschoolers Thursday afternoon at a local park but mother nature was against us.  It began raining overnight Wednesday and did not stop until early Friday morning.  We went to the library instead, always a hit trip for my kids, and watched a movie in the afternoon.  Watching TV in the daytime is a serious rule break.  They weren't sure I was serious at first until I started making the popcorn!

Friday we stayed around the house.  They predicted more rain for the day but we didn't get any.  We stayed in and baked some bread.

And made some paper mosaics.

Ms. Q's monkey
Little M's smiling sun
My (and Baby C's) "regular" sun
Next week it's back to school as usual (whatever that means).


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Great mosaics! Even have a week "off", you were busy! I'm jealous about the nice weather at the beginning of the week! LOL Bike riding! We have too much snow to do anything but slip and slide! Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap-up.


The Adventurer said...

We schol year round too:)! I like that schedule much better. As soon as my husband can take time off work I am hoping to have a week break for family time. TV during the day is a rule breaker for me too:) Thanks for Linking up to the NOBH

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

I admire those that home school. My children are in public school but I would be interested in trying year round school. My children are out this coming week, but unfortunately I work. We did have an very fun weekend so far.

Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

Looks like y'all had a fun and pretty busy week off! : ) I'm the same way with Target - have to stay out of there most of the time or I will find stuff to buy!!
I'm a new follower from the Relax & Surf blog hop - hope you will stop by & followe me back!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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Mommy Head said...

What great pictures! I love the fact that you only go to Target once a month. Ours is far away, but I go as much as I can. I love that store!

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